About This Blog

This blog was born as a vehicle for writing in 2013. Writing down arguments about what was making me angry or sad and publishing them always helped and for a while I fancied myself as a journalist.

I kept writing, for free, and reviewing theatre for slightly less free on http://www.oneinalongline.com where at least I’d get some free tickets and a look backstage every now and again as a sweetener.

Then I went back to work after a year of travelling, volunteering, cookery courses, fractured elbows (OK, only one of those) and near nervous breakdowns… I started searching for a flat to rent after work and my boyfriend moved in… Writing became more of a chore than a privilege for a while. It turns out that the beauty of doing it for free is that you can down tools at any moment and nobody can tell you off.

However now I’m in a waiting room at the hospital, finally seeing a specialist gastroenterologist about my chronic IBS. This is after a day when I’ve had to go to an Occupational Health fitness class at work to combat my chronic back pain. Suddenly the days when I had time to write seem more like the good old days rather than the poor/unproductive ones that my Mother would label them.

So, here is where it begins. A new blog… Where I’ll tell you all I’m discovering about stress and tension induced illness and what I’m discovering about it. I’m hoping that it will quash some misinformation and also help me stick to my plans and resolutions. ¬†Hopefully this can be a two-way thing. Welcome!

H xxx


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